Tuesday, May 8, 2012

01 May 2012

My company recently moved a part-timer to full-time status. This is a good thing all by itself. One more person out there has health insurance, paid leave, and those many other things that are so good about having a real job with a good employer with a rich palette of employment benefits. Sort of like when straight people get married with all those 1200 or so legal benefits, but I digress inopportunely.

What I didn't know until a few days later, and by a few days, I mean today, is that we've had a shift in corporate policy that permits full-time status to occur at 30 hours a week. This is even a better thing. The company can better attract people without the burden of 40 hours of pay. People can consider the company when they cannot commit to 40 hours of work. This small change in policy presents a major win-win as the business like to say to everyone involved.

This didn't happen by accident, and how the stage got set is a matter for tomorrow's card. However, the policy had to be approved by management, and that means someone had to stop what he was doing, pay attention to the people around him, see how he could make this world a better place, and then make it all happen. Writing today's card is going to be a pure delight.

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