Wednesday, May 9, 2012

02 May 2012

Our leader didn't just make full-time benefits available at 30 hours out of the blue. We had someone working in the background. This is just about always the case, folks, every time. Very few things leap forth on this earth fully formed from the mind of a single person. That noteworthy something that someone does is usually the result of many other people working unseen behind the scenes.

Enter our HR Director. She reports to the president, which I value and encourage because human resource is the most important function in any organization. Bar none. She found a set of policies regarding employment benefits that had grown over time, and as you might expect, each was slightly different in implementation. Nothing odd here, but it is a whole lot for one person to understand, much less explain to hard headed people like me. She brought order and consistency to those policies, and in doing so, made her life simpler while making our company and world better.

Do you see what I recruited this woman for the Tough Mudder in October? (Yeah, she declined, but I still I'm not giving up. Yet.)

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