Thursday, May 10, 2012

03 May 2012

Lily's friends often jest about how one day she will be known as the Cat Lady. Yes, like her dad, Lil has a soft spot for kittens. Unlike her dad, she lives somewhere that permits pets. (My apartment building should take note that one of my reasons for looking afield at housing is the pet policy.)

As luck would have it, Lily came home the other day only to find a friendly lost kitten by her door. No tag. No collar. No hint as to where the wee beast belonged. For the next three days, Lil cared for the cat while working and looking for its home. (We have no word regarding how the other cats in the apartment took to the invasion.)

And then, it was over. Lily found the owner, and in doing so, she decided the kitten had received more care in the last three days than it had through the rest of its life. This made us all sad, but Lil recognized that she couldn't keep, much less save, them all, and so, the kitten returned to its home.

Regardless, the cat found the right door that day. This world could use more doors like that. 

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