Sunday, May 13, 2012

06 May 2012

A few days ago after casting my early vote, I stopped by my favorite bistro for an early dinner. I was the only one in the place, and I sat at the bar to make life a little simpler for the one person in the place. Making her life a little easier makes my life a little easier, and it was a touch warm to be sitting outside anyway.

I had the daily special sided with mac-n-cheese chased with iced water. Yeah, I'm extravagant that way. Dessert was going to be a Rice Krispie Treat, and that's what I ordered, but she didn't bring it to me. Instead, she brought me a sad face and a story about the Treats not being decent to serve.

We exchanged our personal histories with Treats, agreed that little was better, and then I requisitioned a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream. What can I say? It's been a rough season.

She surely saved my life that afternoon. 

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