Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 May 2012

After the horrid election that placed North Carolina front and center in the international news, and yes I know this because we had a peep in Belgium reporting what she was seeing on TV in a bar, I left the state heavy of heart for a week-long visit to Daytona for Danger's graduation. Of course, Florida is no better than North Carolina when it comes to enlightened thinkers, but I will be a week by the sea, and even if it rains, I can get my lungs full of salty air as I run my cares away.

Note: The perennial sinus infection dried up within 30 minute of stepping into the sea breeze. I should learn a lesson from that, but I doubt I do.

As I’m prepping for my first trot along the shore, I notice a tweet. And then another. And then a million more. The president of these United States is on national news, and he's endorsing same sex marriage because it's the right thing to do. I never expected to live to see a black man in that office, much less hear him endorse gay marriage. My heart soared, not that I ever expect to marry again, but that should be by choice, not law.

Along the beach, mind sailing through the nothingness that is moving meditation, I look to the left. A storm has moved out to sea, still raining out there, sun shining here, and what forms in the span of twenty steps out over the Gulf Stream but the complete arc of a rainbow.

Yes, I’m sending Mr. President a thank you card.

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