Sunday, May 20, 2012

13 May 2012

I dislike large dinner parties. Small ones are not problem. Having four, sometimes even six, people at the table? Not a problem. 17? Now I’m worried, not because I’m shy in front of so many people. Hell, I sang in front of 500 and more when we did Oklahoma way back. Making an ass of myself is not the issue. Hearing all the independently talking people is the issue.

So, we're all gathered for Danger's graduation. Lots of ex-in-laws. I'm hosting a dinner at the hotel I’m using. Note that I’m staying where none of the others are. A little togetherness goes a very long way. Besides, this place has a decent restaurant.

For some over two hours, we dined. Not one big table, but two smaller ones. Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus! I selected the table with the young people. Folks, they are just more interesting. All went well. Some even had smores for dessert.

Our two waiters did a fine job. They didn't miss a beat. In fact, I don't believe they made any mistakes. For this, they received a good tip, but don't get all that excited. Waitstaff often scrape by under minimum wage, which I think is just wrong. They'll also receive cards in a few days. I wonder how many guests have ever sent them cards, and I suspect it's none, but maybe this precedent will set a trend for them. They certainly deserve it.

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