Monday, May 21, 2012

14 May 2012

Many of my ex-in-laws were in attendance for Danger's commissioning and graduation activities this past weekend. As you might expect, I was often in a position of needing to comport myself in a manner typically beyond my means. However, there was one exception. Mark.

Mark married one of the cool nieces. He's seen many tours of duty in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq with This Man's Army, as my daddy would say. To this end, he's seen a lot in his short time on this earth. He was even obliquely on CNN a decade ago when his helicopter fell from the sky. The soldier next to him died slumped in his lap. Mark survived because a voice in his head told him to put on his safety gear. Quickly.

Mark came to Danger's commissioning, and helped pin some color and decoration on Danger's uniform. I cannot think of a better person with whom to share that moment.

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