Sunday, May 27, 2012

20 May 2012

Josh visited today. The idea was to bring me the scorpion he adopted in Daytona. He also picked up a couple of bags his godfather brought back from Florida. The real thing was he wanted to drive his new car on the interstate, and then show it off a little here.

He arrived. We brought in Antonov, my grand-scorpion. We went for lunch. Even had some dessert. We went to the orchid nursery where we swapped out some pots. He helped carry the stuff, which kept me from making three trips. We chatted. We laughed. We went to get gas in his car before he left.

A few words by the gas pump, and he was gone. Standing there watching him roar off through the traffic, I realized I wouldn't see him again before Christmas, and possibly not then if the schedules don't work out.

That hit a lot harder than this card for a scorpion will cover. 

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