Monday, May 28, 2012

21 May 2012

Like many organizations, mine uses Outlook for email, and for all it's foibles, email is a primary communication channel by which we live and breathe, something that I suspect is true for many organizations.

This past week has been migration week for the email support guys. They're moving everything from one system to another as they seek higher reliability.

And then it was my turn, and the fellow appears at my door asking it was a good time for the migration. Well, there's never a good time, there are just times, and some are better than others. Given that I could leave my computer running over the evening and night, it seemed like a good enough time.

So we did it. He put everything in place, and I left the machine running as I departed for the night. While we were at it, we also updated the cell phones so we could all keep up even when we're fishing at the lake. I'm not sure email on phones is the good thing it's marketed to be, but it is, apparently, at least a necessary evil these days. And I can turn the phone off at night.

I'm certain he'd rather have a good night's sleep than a card at this point, and maybe he will get back to a normal schedule soon. Until then, he has my gratitude for making the work life easier.

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