Wednesday, May 30, 2012

23 May 2012

Starting back with the running along with the other prep for the Tough Mudder means I go through several t-shirts a day, and that was putting a strain on my collection, which was generally sufficient for watching TV.

I also have a problem with some corporate logos, depending on the corporation, and I'd as soon not have any more shirts like that, unless the company that hires me wants to advertise on my back, then we can talk. However, I follow this fellow on Twitter who apparently makes his living creating and distributing t-shirts with snarky social and political statements.

His company has saved the eyes, if not the noses, of my neighbors because with a few additions, I don't have to wear the morning's dried shirt in the evening. There are also a couple that invariable have people stopping me to get a better look. In fact, when I travel back home, I go out of my way to make sure what I'm wearing is not going to have me fighting my way out.

I love these shirts, not only for the statements and illustrations but also for the soft style of cotton used. There like crushed silk, and if you've run long enough to soak your shirt in sweat AND you've foregone certain foundation garments, you're grateful for the soft fabric. If my nipples could write, they'd sign the card I'm sending today.

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