Wednesday, May 2, 2012

25 April 2012

A peep at work brought me a poster from an art sale in Durham. The poster shows a dozen or so different kinds of families, all in black and white except for the hearts of the individuals. Those are in red. She thought I would like it, and she's correct, what with the vote on the amendment to further marginalize gay people in NC coming up in a couple of weeks.

That the amendment seeks to relegate the homos to second class status is bad enough, but it goes even further, and makes illegal other forms of domestic unions, in turn producing endless revenue generating opportunities for many lawyers. The haters will always be with us, though their numbers will decrease if not by education and learning then by limited lifespan.

I think I might like that she's voting against the amendment even more than the poster, and I said that in the card. It's people like her, the younger among us, who bring some hope to my failing vision of this ugly world filled with its hating people. 

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