Monday, May 7, 2012

30 April 2012

Like every other organization, the one that pays me these days has a particular style for use with publications, and although I would prefer a strict adherence to APA style because it's so prevalent (and I've used it so long), I have a greater preference for a continued paycheck, and for that reason, I go with the program and use the local style. Mostly.

Nonetheless, when it comes down to it, how tables and charts are presented really doesn't matter to me, especially if there's someone who can and will handle those final formatting details that often elude me. Of course, I do try to be nice and get the draft copy in as good a condition as I can, but I do have limits. In particular, I often have limits on time, but more frequently, my knowledge is what's limited. Yeah, I don't know everything. Yet.

Last week, I was wrestling with a set of imported tables in Word, and the text in the tables had some kind of background color I clicked all the usual suspects, but nothing improved. I finally gave it up and turned in the copy with a note about the background colors and the futility of my efforts. About 30 minutes later in return email, Ms. Editor told me that she used something called “remove all formatting” to make the correction.

I had seen that option in the menus, but I failed to use it, probably because I feared the drudgery having to reapply formatting everywhere after I clicked the option incorrectly. Perhaps writing today's card will make me braver and smarter next time. Yeah, right.

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