Sunday, June 10, 2012

04 June 2012

A project is defined as something that has a discrete beginning and end. If something is on-going with no end expected, we call it a process. There! You're all educated now.

I work on a lot of projects that are embedded in processes. The final step of those projects is, usually, me writing some kind of report, and let me tell you right now: Those reports are simply compelling reading.

The thing is a few other people, generally, get to make edits, and the apparent human need to change the written words of another runs very strong, especially in those people who do not write much.

I just turned in a report for the third time to our editor. She smiled. She didn't slap me. She didn't release the Kraken. She just sent me a revised PDF about an hour later.

I doubt I made her day, any more than the revision made mine, but she was a very good sport about it all. 

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