Monday, June 11, 2012

05 June 2012

When I think I've finished a project, I usually burn the files to a CD, and then send the CD to the client representative for safe keeping. Often, that means I send the Word file and the corresponding PDF to a helpful peep to put on the CD, and that's that.

Other times, there's a complicated directory structure involved, and then it's a different beast. In those cases, I just burn the CD myself. It's simpler than duplicating the structure on a shared drive, and then explaining what needs to go on the CD.

However, I still need a label, and while I'm quite fine with using a Sharpie, company standards encourage me to do a little better, and that means I wind up visiting my helpful peep. I try not to just walk in and expect her to do something because that's just plain unfair, but she did just that, dropped everything and made me a pretty label while I waited today.

She makes our lives at work simpler, and she does so with a smile. And now a card.

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