Tuesday, June 12, 2012

06 June 2012

Like every other organization in the world, we have someone who is in charge of processing our expense reports. I do my very best to get them right because the penalty is missing the fortnight cycle and having to wait that additional two weeks for my money back. Well, the credit card's money back.

I usually get the paperwork about right, but of course today, being in a hurry, I fouled one up. Extremely fouled, and it was only one line long. Yes, it takes some special talent to do that. Nonetheless, the reimbursement fairy fixed it, brought it to me so I could learn something, and then went on about her business. She could have just said nope, and left it for me to figure out. Of course, I'm not sure that I ever would have gotten this particular one right. She probably knew that already. 

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