Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 June 2012

Sometimes I think I've finished some little something, only to learn at an inopportune moment that what I thought was perfectly clear was somewhat less than lucid for the other guy.

That happened Saturday morning. The email and explanation I sent earlier didn't do the trick. Maybe one day I'll learn to get it right the first time. Wait. That's surely a jest.

So I'm stepping into the Ninja Challenge, and during a brief down moment, I look at email. Uh oh. I didn't respond directly, but I did send a text to a colleague asking if he could send the reference for computing the Brennan-Kane Index of Dependability.

He sent an email with a PDF attached. The PDF was the original article. He also sent a text in which he asked me why I was working on a Saturday when I was surrounded by Ninjas.

That was a good question.

Later in the evening, I returned home, cleaned up, and forwarded the article to my confused peep. I'm sure he grunted, probably even said something untoward, but he did solve his problem, and he can meet his deadline.

My colleague off to the west did a good thing on a Saturday, and he's getting a card. We might even sing to him later.

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