Tuesday, June 5, 2012

29 May 2012

I've probably said it far too often, but I don't work in a vacuum, though I suspect there are those who occasionally wish I did. More to the point, this is the season in which we make proposals for technical presentations at fall and winter professional conferences, and one of the rules placed on us is that we have co-presenters affiliated with a separate organization. The idea is to prevent us from turning the presentations into sales and marketing, not that they really have to worry about that with me.

Most of the professional organizations with which I work are not inclined to participate in these activities. For the most part, the individuals involved say they don't feel qualified. They might feel that way, but I see them as imminently qualified. More likely, they are a bit afraid, not interested, or perhaps already busy enough. Regardless, I don't push the issue.

Instead, I solicit participation from a bud who works as a professor of what we do. I was on his dissertation committee, and we've presented and published together for almost 20 years. Damn, I'm getting old. Nonetheless, he usually agrees to play along, and that make life simple. Yeah, we just had another proposal accepted. We'll be in Palm Springs together again this November.

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