Friday, June 8, 2012

May in review

May? We had a May? It was so short, I hardly noticed. What I did notice was the many things that happened. Josh graduates. Josh commissions. I spent a week in Daytona Beach running on the beach and eating sweet potato fries with a barbeque sandwich for lunch. Got to see Lil and Maddy. Michele too. Spent a morning with Josh running on the beach with a sandbag on my shoulders. There's some interesting metaphour there. Of course, I spent that week far away from the ex-in-laws, and that was a smart move.

Ran another baby mudder directly after graduation. Mostly alone. Again. Did much better than the last time except it took longer. I'll get there one day. At least the parking for this one was reasonable.

Invited a young woman to dinner and a colonoscopy. Don't tell me that I have forgotten how to entertain the fairer sex. Sang to the staff while I was waking up. Farted excessively. Where else can a grown man do that and have it considered a sign of good health? 

But aren't we supposed to be discussing gratitude here? I believe we are. Work was very busy, and that meant I withdrew to the home office to be sure to meet my deadlines, what with all the social distractions of an office. Of course, I luxuriate going 48 hours never speaking to another person, but that leaves me stretching to continue this project. I think that's a good thing, and while it leaves me frequently expressing gratitude for a simple and small thing, it means that the simple and small thing is also recognized. When I think of it, I believe the simple and small things are important, just as important as, perhaps even more so than, those larger things we more easily see.

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