Monday, July 2, 2012

14 June 2012

It seems ages ago when the foot troubles began. Plantar faciitis became chronic. There were days when moving was a real chore. In time the sharp, splitting pains gave way to an incessant dull ache. Standing for any period produced intense burning. To compensate, I changed shoes two or three times a day to confuse the nerves.

That crap lasted well over ten years, but now, it's in remission, mainly because I wear minimal shoes now. Barefooted shoes. I thought they were all hype, but I gave in last year and got a pair. Then two pair. Now they're all I wear.

There was one doc back in Greensboro who was as long-suffering in the treatment as I was in the aching. He tried everything, many things more than once, somethings just because they might work. Not one every did. I had to wait a long while to figure this one out, and now that the road to recovery appears before me, I feel the need to thank this man for his tireless efforts.

Yes, I'm reaching back for this one, but it occurs to me that he might benefit from knowing what worked for me, especially given that it's counter intuitive.

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