Saturday, July 7, 2012

18 June 2012

I fill out a lot of expense reports. It's a part of the job. I go somewhere. I do something. I spend money to get it done, and then my company fronts me the money and bills the client so I don't have to worry with three dozen different expense forms and reimbursement rules.

This means there's someone in another office who gets to go through all my paper work to be sure I got it right, and by getting it right, I mean down to the exact cent. Accounting people just don't much work with approximations, and that's probably good. You can probably see where we're going now.

Since I depend on that person to do her job so I can get my money back, I try to get my reports as right as I can. Of course, having a PhD means I have documented trouble with some details, and accounting details are among those.

Regardless, for all my efforts, I occasionally blow it, and a few days ago, I really blew one. It was no where near right. Usually when I leave a boo-boo on my sheet, I get it back with a note to fix it, but this time, she saw my hopelessness and made the repair herself. I just had to sign the form again.

That's worth a card. It's probably worth a cut off the top also, but that'd probably not go over all that well at work.

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